Top ten tips for first timers

Looking to get naked in public for the first time, here are some tips?

1. Get comfortable naked in your home surroundings

It’s a big step to go naked in public without first gaining confidence in privacy. There are many ways to do this; sunbathe in the nude in your garden, take a naked selfie, or even just walk around your house naked for a while.

2. Research places to visit

On the internet or in magazines, read reviews or talk to people to learn about places that you can visit. There is a wide choice but best to go to recognised or recommended places.

3. Plan what you need to take

Depending upon where you chose to visit you may need to take towels, sun protection, something to eat and drink, a book, playing cards etc…

4. Travel

It may seem obvious but allow enough time and chose a low-stress method of transport, this should be a fun and relaxing experience and you won’t want a return journey to be stressful.

5. On arrival

Take your time and familiarise yourself with your surroundings, you may feel nervous about taking your clothes off for the first time but you should not feel nervous in appropriate surroundings

6. Get naked

It won’t be as you imagined. You won’t be judged, people will not look at you, and you’ll just take off your clothes and put on a bathrobe or wrap a towel around yourself. There are no physical obstacles; the only challenges are mental.

7. Learning and adjusting

It’s rather like learning to ride a bike, you’re nervous, you need to find your balance, and you might be a bit wobbly for a few minutes but very quickly the confidence grows.

8. Relaxing

Without clothing, it is easier, there are no labels, just acceptance, and being yourself peacefully relaxing on your own or by striking up a conversation with people also enjoying being clothes free.

9. Respect

Quite quickly you see many variations of the human form – all shapes, sizes, age, skin colour, scars, stretch marks, hair and none of it matters, we’re all open honest humans respecting whatever we look like.

10. Confidence

You’ve done it, most people feel a big boost in personal confidence, body acceptance, liberation, and