How to be More Comfortable in Your Own Skin

We’ll be honest, taking charge of your own negative thoughts can be one of the toughest things to do when you don’t feel confident in your own skin.

We’ve been there too!

You often critique yourself and feel shy around others, rather than embracing yourself for who you are as an individual!

Love Yourself

At Clover Spa, we think it’s important to love yourself and appreciate you for you!

That’s why we’ve gathered some tips on how to be more comfortable in your own skin, naked or not…

Positive Thinking

Firstly, we find keeping your mind filled with positive thoughts is a crucial step in personal development. Granted, this isn’t easy at first. However, it will come, trust us!

Try to do the things you love more often and surround yourself with the right people, you’ll quickly learn there is nothing to be conscious about.

Do What You Love

If you practice what makes you feel passionate and positive about life, your own attitude towards yourself will improve. Whether this be your exercise routines, reading, listening to podcasts, or home-cooking.

Doing what you love regularly is an important step in loving who you are.

Accept Yourself

We only become truly comfortable in our own skin when we accept ourselves, even the ‘nasty’ spots we don’t want others to see!

Therefore, we must make a strong effort to appreciate how we talk about our bodies. If you recognise that you’re often negative about yourself, start making small steps to change it.

Practice positive thinking techniques and regularly remind yourself of your goals with regards to your self-confidence journey. 

Value Yourself

Another strong aspect is seeing worth in your own opinions!

Instead of validating and seeking worth via other peoples’ thoughts, find self-worth within yourself to become comfortable in your own skin. If you’re a people pleaser and find happiness in other people’s thoughts about yourself, you will never achieve true satisfaction in your own skin.

Take charge of your mind, and believe you’re beautiful! 

Find Peace Through Relaxing Activities

Of course, all these tips are pretty pointless if you don’t find inner peace. That’s why we recommend peaceful activities such as daily meditation and do things that relax you during the week.

For example, try watching movies you like, listening to your favourite music regularly or treating yourself to a relaxing foot massage.

Above all, the point we’re trying to make is…develop positive energy and work on yourself. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

The sooner people realise this, the better the world will be!