About Us

Helping people feel good, more healthy, confident and liberated from the pressures of life is what we’re all about.

And it’s much easier than you can imagine.

Naked Spa

You see spas are all about wellness – using heat to relax muscles, soothe aches and de-toxify your skin has been well known for centuries – the Romans did it, most Europeans do it and whilst many Brits do use spas, they don’t get the full benefit because they wear swimwear!

You Don’t Need Swimwear

This is really simple – you don’t wear swimwear in your bath for obvious reasons so why do you when you use a spa?

Probably for one or more of the following reasons – you’re with other people, you lack confidence in how you look, fear of judgement, embarrassed, you haven’t “tidied up”, culturally you’ve been bought up to believe that some parts of your body are “private”.

Fell rejuvenated with one of our massage treatments, again clothes free.

Be in Tune With Yourself

These are all subliminal pressures that you carry around unnecessarily, restricting your freedom to be yourself, to be in tune with your feelings and closer to your loved ones.

Contrary to popular belief nudity isn’t sexual, it is clothes that sexualize the body and clever marketeers use this to sell stuff but in the process they create unrealistic images and desire which all to often leads to unhappiness.

Accept Yourself and Feel Confident

It really doesn’t have to be this way, learning to accept yourself as you are, to feel confident and not judged is really simple, as simple as taking off your clothes.

All our regular customers know this and our new ones, although very nervous to start with soon realise that no one is judging them, no one is interested in their “private parts” it is all about being human, accepting that we are all different and valued, respect for yourself and others, liberation from all the labels of life.

Enough About Us, What About You?

Now you’ve learned about us, learn more about yourself.

We look forward to seeing you soon.