Why do people choose to be naturists?

Can anyone become a naturist?

Well, I’m not sure that many do, it isn’t something that you wake up in the morning and decide to do. We’re just not programmed that way. Our society expects us to be dressed, the fashion industry, the cosmetic industry, and the media all spend billions trying to convince us to do this, wear that and look like this to have a certain status and a happy life.

But happiness doesn’t come from all that stuff, that is a never-ending treadmill of want and consumption leading to temporary happiness, debt, and global warming!

True happiness is about a feeling of inner peace, confidence, love, kindness, and respect, not the competition of trying to be better or having more than someone else.

Naturism is a life choice, not a fashion statement that ultimately boils down to feeling more comfortable in your skin and being more accepting of yourself and others. Naturists are some of the happiest and most content people you will ever meet!

So, if you are thinking about becoming a naturist the best advice is to just do it, there is no secret handshake or special ceremony, just take your clothes off and experience the joy of being free!

Freedom is one of the most common words used after people try it for the first time, freedom from clothing and social pressure is powerfully liberating!

That’s not to say that there aren’t a few things you should know before you disrobe, have a read through our ten top tips for first-timers, and then go and enjoy the liberating feeling of being a naturist!

You will never know what you’re missing out on unless you give it a try, see for yourself how wonderful it can be and it’s all as easy as taking off your clothes!