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Naked Spa Days

Our spa day packages

Remove your clothes and labels and be yourself, it's friendly and relaxing, gain greater personal confidence, self respect and a fabulous feeling of liberation from your unique Clover Spa Day. 

Relax and enjoy our unique spa, our Aspen clad sauna, comfortable steam room, a hot tub on the patio, heated stone loungers, foot spa, cold plunge pool, cafe bar where you can eat and drink whatever you like, we are not a retreat, the only sacrifice is your clothes. Open from 10 am until 10 pm weekdays and 12 noon until 10 pm at weekends.

Our Spa Day packages certainly save you money ... treat yourself and your loved one... it's a perfect way to truly unwind, relax and forget the hassles of the outside world!

There is nothing quite as sensual as the long flowing strokes of a naturist massage.

If you buy a Spa Day that includes treatments we will contact you to discuss what you want and your preferred time. * Lava shell and Mud treatments incur a small surcharge

Female at Naturist spa days

Spa Use

Just Spa Use from opening until closing time. Best value option for people who simply want to use the spa for the day or evening. Day or evening only options. Food and drink available at additional charge.

From £15/£25 for 1 or £25/£35 for 2

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Spa days stone lounger

Spa Day

Liberate your body and soul with the ultimate, uninhibited spa relaxation, and a sensational 60 minute treatment included.

Only £75 for 1 or £135 for 2

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Naturist spa days

Spa Day

Morning coffee and biscuits. Extended spa use - 10am until 10pm. Healthy lunch. 90 minutes of blissful treatments. Afternoon tea and cakes.

Only £99 for 1 or £189 for 2

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Unique Spa Days that will save you money and leave you feeling fantastic

Unique Spa Day's, guaranteed to leave you feeling better...