Half Price New Customer Offer | Luxury Naked Spa Day from £45

Experience a full day of relaxation the European way – that’s right, without your swimwear! Breathe in… now exhale any worries. This isn’t sexual, embarrassing, illegal or immoral – it’s the sensible, natural way to truly appreciate our spa’s wet area.

Feel any apprehension melting away in the comforting environment of our cafe bar, where you may choose to wear a robe or towel.

In our treatment rooms, no need to worry about soggy swimwear. And yes, our superior full-body massage includes buttocks, stomach and chest, all free of sexual connotation.

As an exclusive offer for our new customers, this liberating experience can be yours from just £45.

Curious to learn more? Please call us at 0121 350 6836 or contact us for more details.


This half price offer is exclusive to new customers.

Enjoy a full day in the spa with a 60-minute treatment of choice – normally £90 but just £45 for new customers on Monday to Thursday. * £15 surcharge (£60) for Friday, Saturday and Sunday *

What do you get?

A full day of relaxation the European way – that is without your swimwear, naked!

Deep breath…but… don’t worry it’s not sexual, embarrassing, illegal or immoral – it is the sensible, practical and natural way to use the wet area of any spa.

In the cafe bar area, you may wear a robe or towel and in the treatment rooms you won’t have to worry about wet swimwear plus you will also get a superior full-body naked spa massage that includes buttocks, stomach and chest and all without sexual connotation.

Enjoy tea or coffee and biscuits on arrival and unwind slowly with the heat of our sauna, hot tub, steam room or heated loungers. Weather permitting enjoy the sun loungers in the garden a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

60 min Treatment Included

Included in your day is 60 minutes of treatments from a large choice of Massages and Facials

Food and drink are available all day from the café bar.

This luxury naked spa day package will save you 50% and is incredible value, especially if you come with a friend.

Luxury Naked Spa Day | Clover Spa and Hotel

Feel Liberated With a Luxury Naked Spa

This fabulous naked spa day will leave you feeling liberated and body confident.

From just £45 per person!

Available to existing customers if and when they introduce a new customer, no limit on the number of new customers you introduce.

Want to find out more? Phone us on 0121 350 6836 or contact us here for further details.