Dead Sea Mud Wrap

Using the classic treatment of wrapping the body in warm, mineral rich mud from the Dead Sea, known for its detoxifying and skin healing properties, the Dead Sea Mud Wrap is pure relaxation and indulgence in its highest form.

The treatment begins with a full body scrub to get the circulation pumping and remove dead skin cells.

An intensive massage is then performed on the back, legs, abdomen and arms to help release toxins.

The Dead Sea Mud wrap is then applied to the entire body and you are wrapped in a warm blanket to allow the mud to do its work. During this time we will further relax you with a mind unravelling scalp massage.

Finally, a firming gel is applied to complete your treatment.

This treatment results in visible toning, detoxifying, moisturising and the restoration of a healthy rosy glow to the skin, as well as improving the skin’s elasticity.