Why spend more time naked – the health benefits of being naked.

It may not surprise you, but we encourage people to spend more time naked here at Clover Spa. We appreciate for some, spending time in the buff may not feel comfortable at first, but we guarantee once you’ve embraced naturism, the benefits you’ll feel will soon outshine your concerns.

Let’s consider why spending more time in your birthday suit can give you a boost and be a real health benefit.

Did you know there are several health benefits of being naked?

It may seem strange to think that simply being nude can benefit your health. However, experts say it’s good to sleep naked, and the National Sleep Foundation confirms it, so why is it hard to believe there could also be benefits to your mental and physical health?

health benefits of being naked whilst sleeping
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Of course, we understand there is a difference between nakedness in bed, alone or with your partner, to being without clothes in a naturist setting with strangers. Still, the benefits are worth overcoming any trepidation.

Let’s start with the physical health benefits

Being naked helps your skin to breathe

Our bodies are bound up, wearing tight, restrictive clothes all day, with very little time between changing outfits. This holds bacteria against your skin and produces heat and moisture around the body, potentially leading to irritations. Any dermatologist will tell you that you need to let the skin breathe to prevent infection and avoid the cause of skin rash or breakouts. So why wouldn’t you want to give your skin time to breathe?

Regulating your body temperature can help you sleep better

Lowering your body temperature at night can help you get a more restful sleep. Better sleep will improve your mood and overall well-being. Try removing those PJs and allowing your body temp to cool, see how much better you sleep with complete freedom.

Increased Vitamin D levels

Here in the UK, we rarely get the levels of Vitamin D we need, especially during the winter. You can increase your skin’s surface level by going nude, which can help naturally improve the body’s Vitamin D production from sunlight. Of course, sun exposure has risks, so if you are out in the sun or sunbathing, apply suncream, especially in areas that haven’t seen much sun!  

Improve your circulation

When we remove items of clothing, we allow blood to flow more quickly as it’s not restricted. Spending extra time moving around in the buff will reduce your risk of circulation issues.

Now let’s look at the mental health benefits of nudism

So. We’ve established when you get naked more often you can enjoy several physical benefits. Let’s now consider the mental health benefits when you go naked.

Improved self-esteem

So many people have body image issues. It’s probably one of the most significant factors holding people back from trying naturism. When you spend more time without clothes, you learn to love your body and find confidence in your natural state. All assumptions and labels are left with your clothes. You can be your authentic self and will soon realise no one else is judging you.

Naturism can also reduce your stress levels

Putting aside inhibitions about nudity can make one feel more confident in their body image and promote an overall feeling of relaxation. When clothes do not restrict you, you can release your mind and body tension. Of course, when you’re enjoying a relaxing spa, this also helps (not that we’re biased!).

See improvements to your relationships

When you strip down to the real you, you allow all the benefits mentioned above to improve your overall life satisfaction. Regardless of your marital status, feeling more confident in your skin and having better self-esteem will naturally help you find more fulfilling and sustainable relationships. Whether this is something you and your partner do together, or you do for yourself, you’ll immensely enjoy the benefits the confidence in yourself brings.

Nudity for newbies

If you’re new to nudism but want to enjoy the benefits, we can help you take your first steps to enjoy a life without clothes. Nudity can be seen as taboo and not something people discuss openly, so you may find it difficult to discuss it with friends and family.

To get naked, you must be willing to overcome any feelings of shame or insecurity about your body image and accept yourself for who you are. Nudity for newbies can be intimidating, but with a supportive environment and an open mind, it will become more comfortable to embrace our natural bodies without worrying about judgement from others.

Start by wandering around the house naked in the safety of your own environment. Sit in your lounge, make a cup of tea, and enjoy the day-to-day without restricting clothing.

When you feel ready, find a community or naturist venue where you can experience the relaxation and contentment in knowing that you have nothing to hide. You’ll meet like-minded people and realise going au naturel is a beautiful experience.

Here at Clover Spa, we welcome those new to naturism and those who already enjoy its many benefits. If you’d like to know more, feel welcome to contact us.