Why you should think about getting naked

Talk to people about being naked in mixed gender company and you will get some interesting comments, the most interesting to me come from people who have never tried it yet have some strong opinions – why is this?  

It’s what they’ve been taught by people who haven’t learnt … and they accept it, strange isn’t it?

Strange isn’t it, if you tell a child not to touch something because it’s hot they probably won’t for a while, but until they do touch something that’s hot they don’t know the meaning of hot, so they all do at some point and then they’ve learnt and can use their own judgement from then on. 

So why is it that many people just accept someone else’s inexperienced view of naturism or public nudity? 

It isn’t illegal, immoral or sexual, but it is open, honest, respectful and healthy for body and mind.  

As a society we have been subtly seduced by clever marketing into become addicted consumers, consumers of everything and so much so that we are in danger of ruining the planet we inhabit. Yet are we happier? We certainly live longer, but is it 24/7 happiness? 

No of course not, there are increasing pressures bought about by our consuming addiction and the competition that it generates.

Life is much simpler when you take your clothes off – you are who you are, no need to compete, pretend, judge – just respect and smile.

We all breath, eat, drink, and accept ourselves and others for whatever we are without judgement or competition. We are all different shapes, sizes, colours and when we have our life story on view it is just accepted. Just like you accept the look of a strangers face when you first meet, you accept the naked body of another human being.

Competition and any need to fake something disappears. When you’re naked you are open and honest, confident, friendly and close to the fundamentals of life. Being more in-tune with reality brings you closer to your community and environment. 

Getting naked in the right environment simply feels good and does you good.