Why I Like to Get Naked

I spend most of my life clothed like most people and I certainly appreciate clothing to keep me warm and dry but I never feel that clothes make me a better person.

They might make me look better and others may judge me as a better person in whatever I’m wearing or not…but it’s all rather subjective to personal taste and fashion trends.

Clothes can make a statement about your status, your upbringing, your likes or desires, they can also hide imperfections you perceive you may have with your body, they are a bit of camouflage that you can hide behind or you can choose to pretend to be someone different.

Clothes and make-up come to that, are portrayed by the fashion, cosmetic and media industries to be essential to look good and somehow they’ve created the link that you have to look good to feel good.

I don’t agree with this, feeling good is about being true to yourself, accepting and loving the body you have genetically inherited and not pretending to be something that you’re not.

Occasionally being naked when it’s appropriate and especially when you’re in a mixed gender non sexual environment reasserts your core values and puts balance back in your life.

You respect yourself and others, it is non-judgemental and getting away from the labels of clothing and society is truly liberating. 

When you become comfortable in your own skin you also become more comfortable in clothing and the negative effects of not looking your best at all times gains a clear unharmful perspective.