Staycations and self sufficiency

Is mother nature telling us to slow down?

What have we missed most during lockdown? 

Apart from Clover Spa obviously, near the top of most people’s list would be our close relationships – being unable to visit family and friends, be with them in person, see them in the flesh, yes video messaging is good but doesn’t come close to actually being there.

What have we learnt during the lockdown?

We have more time because we’re not rushing around chasing our tails, doing, buying, consuming and with this extra time many of us have rediscovered that simple often bring the greatest pleasure – the daily walk or exercise, wildlife, peace, cleaner air and volunteering – helping one another.

Covid 19 will be around for a long time but we’re learning to cope with it and gradually it becomes easier. It’s has already changed the way we behave and will certainly change our futures. 

So our new future may well be more in-tune with naturism, less consuming things and rushing around, less pollution but more value on our fellow human beings. Respect for yourself, for others and the environment being core values that naturists uphold.


Staycations are now firmly back on the agenda. Why spend so much time and money travelling around the world, increasing pollution, exporting our money and increasing the risk of bringing back another deadly virus? 

Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England have a huge diversity of interesting places to stay and visit that there really is something for everyone from mountains, lakes, cities, coastline, islands, history and of course our unique pubs.

Well it’s the weather I hear you say… but there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing… but not even that is a problem at Clover Spa… plenty of heat, fabulous hospitality and no clothes.