Spa Days With a Difference

Think Spa and your mind immediately conjures up relaxation, stress-free time and luxury.  With all of this in mind, Tim Higgs, owner of Clover Spa wondered why the European-style Spa Day, so popular in central Europe where swimwear is not necessary, wasn’t widely available in the UK because the benefits are enormous.

Why Are Spa Day’s Better at Clover Spa?

At Clover Spa, we are truly different. 

When you come and chill out with us, clothes are optional, now for people who haven’t done this before this can be off putting but just take a minute to think about it.

You wouldn’t take a shower or bath with your clothes on for obvious reasons, so why would you use a spa with clothes on?

There are even health benefits to being naked.

Naked Spa Days

Oh, I’m too prudish, I couldn’t do that, I don’t like my body, I’m not comfortable when I’m naked are all instant responses, but come on what difference does a little bit of swimwear make?

It doesn’t hide your size or shape, it doesn’t keep you warm or dry it just hides a few little bits of you from view. It is interesting that by trying to hide your little bits you create a level of intrigue that doesn’t exist when you’re naked.

Feel at Ease With Nudity

When everyone is naked several things happen – you instantly realise that it isn’t sexy, you respect others more, you accept yourself as you are more readily and you realise that it is clothes that sexualise the body not nudity.

Being naked at Clover Spa isn’t what some imagine, people don’t strut their stuff showing off their little bits, they just behave in a normal way, naked in the water or heat treatment areas or when they are sunbathing in the garden but generally wearing a robe or towel in the café bar area.

Friendly and Respectful Atmosphere

It is a small, friendly and respectful atmosphere where people really do find liberation from the social pressures of the clothed world.

Most people have suffered pressure from the material world that we now live in. Marketing professionals have been so successful over the years that our expectations are raised to a level that are hard to maintain, often leaving us feeling inadequate and for some people near to depression.

Ladies more than men are made to feel they should be a particular shape and size and unless they are their confidence is knocked.

Becoming body confident is easier at Clover Spa, you are not judged, you respect and accept, it is a wonderful liberating experience that makes Clover Spa truly unique.

Pamper Yourself

With a choice of 4 Spa Days to choose from, you are sure to find one to suit you.

As well as taking your pick of our Spa facilities, you can also choose from our range of beauty treatments and 18 massages.

Naturist Massage

There is nothing quite as sensual as the long flowing strokes of a naturist massage and without any sexual connotation it is an experience not to be missed.