Open Mind v Prejudice

We had a guy book a room this week without checking us out… Why I hear you ask?

When he realised that our niche is naturist / clothes optional he felt he had to cancel… again, why, I hear you ask? 

Even though he had ticked the T’s & C’s and knew his reservation was non refundable he felt he couldn’t stay… yet again, I hear you ask why? 

What was he worried about? Clover Spa and Hotel is rated as the number 1 hotel (out of 118) in Birmingham by our customers on TripAdvisor so it couldn’t really be the quality of our facilities, the service or the price.

As it happened Birmingham was particularly busy that night and all the hotels and Inns that he tried didn’t even have a stable out the back with a manger for him to sleep in… so he phoned back to say that he would stay after all!

He duly checked in to a very comfortable room, whilst he didn’t make use of the spa facilities he did have the opportunity to read the BN and H&E magazines, having survived the night here, he left and hopefully he wondered why he was so concerned in the first place.

The old saying – “Never judge a book by its cover” should also extend to Never judge a person, particularly by their clothes or the lack of them.