Liberation From the Head Trash

When naturists talk about the freedom or liberation that they feel when they’re naked other naturists understand, but nobody else does.

Why should they?

They feel free wearing clothes, they have the freedom to choose what clothes they wear. Where they buy them from, when and where to wear them, in short they don’t feel any lack of freedom.

Naturists and Body Confidence

But naturists know that wearing clothes is far better when you’re comfortable in your own skin, enjoy body confidence and have accepted whatever life has thrown at you – lumps, bumps, scars, stretch marks and ageing.

Sadly many people wear clothes to cover up their life story, they have been shamed into thinking its bad, not beautiful and nobody wants to see it. In short they are trapped by the irrational opinion of others.

Even worse, some people have been sold the concept that they need to wear the latest fashion, use cosmetics to enhance beauty or hide blemishes, to have trendy hair styles or even worse, have surgery – all to be considered beautiful. These people are on a never ending treadmill of trying to keep up with social and clever marketing pressures – they are well and truly trapped!

Naturists Embrace Difference

Naturists aren’t trapped, not shamed with “imperfect bodies”, they embrace difference and with their body confidence they enjoy real freedom from many of life’s pressures – naked or clothed.

That’s the real freedom that naturists feel when they are naked.