How to keep happy – A checklist

If you’re finding it difficult to maintain a positive attitude and achieve happiness during this difficult time, we’ve gathered a quick fire checklist to help you turn things around!

1. Smile

You tend to smile when you’re happy, by smiling more often, you’re encouraging happy attitudes and happy thoughts.

2. Exercise

Exercise isn’t just for your body, its great for your mind too. Whether you do a home workout, go walking daily, or take up running. Try to exercise everyday to feel happier and healthier. 

3. Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is essential to live a healthy and happy life. Focus on getting 8 hours of good quality sleep and you’re bound to feel happier. 

4. Eat With Mood in Mind

Don’t just eat because you’re bored, try to plan mealtimes and enjoy eating proper meals. Lunch and dinner can be great events when you’re stuck in the house. 

5. Be Grateful

Lockdown has taught us to appreciate the smaller things in life. Practice being grateful each day, try and list the things you’re grateful for. This will help you feel happy and more content with your current situation.

6. Compliment a Loved One

Making others feel happy can be a great way to feel happier in yourself. Try to hand out compliments to your wife, kids or housemates everyday! 

8. Don’t Dwell on the Unhappy Moments

We know there is lots of negative news floating around at the moment. Therefore, its really important not to dwell on it and move on. We shouldn’t be unhappy about things that are out of our control. Its important to acknowledge the news we see, but its equally important to move on and keep positive. This will help you to remain happy and minimise unhappy thoughts. 

Practice these things daily and let us know how you get on!