Clover Spa 2019 Review

With so many positive things happening at Clover Spa in 2019 it is difficult to identify what’s been the most significant. 

Being in the hospitality and wellness business, customer service is paramount and so it very pleasing that we have 8 consecutive years of TripAdvisor’s certificate of excellence and in their Hall of Fame, we are proud to be their number one rated hotel in Birmingham out of over 120 hotels!

Customer Service

Our customer service is under continual review with behind the scene operational improvements helping us to maintain our exceptional reviews. It is interesting to note that although our niche is naturism, the friendliness of service and that of our guests rate very highly.

Loyalty Scheme

One of the new things we introduced this year is our Loyalty Scheme which rewards our customers with free drinks, spa days and money off stays. This is proving very popular and a very fair way to reward loyal custom, a true win win situation.

Health and Wellness Benefits of Naturism

From a business perspective the continued growth with literally hundreds of new customers is most satisfying. This should not really come as a surprise, naturism is so much more accepted now with a greater understanding among the general public who have a more live and let live attitude.

But it is more than that, people are really beginning to understand the health and wellness benefits of naked relaxation. In an increasingly competitive and critical world, the confidence to be yourself, accept yourself as you are and others as they are, is true liberation from so much pressure.

Exciting Plans For 2020

We have exciting plans for 2020 that include replacing the hot tub which we have outgrown and has been our most popular facility.  The plan is for a larger bespoke hot pool, this is a major project that will be done steadily with minimum of inconvenience to our customers. 

We will continue development of our in-house team skills to secure our service standards and further develop and improve our marketing to ensure continued growth of Clover Spa.

I am also delighted that British Naturism are becoming more progressive, running fabulous national events which promote awareness and acceptance of this wonderfully beneficial lifestyle.