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Clover Spa and Hotel revised Covid 19 security procedures 20.01.22

Over the past 22 months we have had closures, safety procedures and restrictions in place following government guidlines.

These are now changing from trying to stop the spread of the virus to learning to live with the virus.

Sensible precautions remain and the most important is that if you have or believe you have the virus or been in contact with someone who has the virus please don't visit until you have tested negative.

  • Hand sanitising stations remain in place for your use.
  • Screens in reception and over the cafe bar remain in place.
  • Guests are strongly advised to maintain at least 1 metre space
  • The wearing of masks is at guest discretion
  • All customers – Residents and Day visitors will check-in with name, email and phone number as usual
  • We continue to encourage the use of contactless payment
  • Day visitor access to the changing room door is remotely unlocked by staff from behind the reception counter screen
  • Residents are asked to pre-book their breakfast and evening meal time slot to avoid over-crowding in the eating area and to avoid having more than one staff member at a time in our small kitchen area.
  • Guests are requested to share the use of the spa facilities – Sauna, Hot tub, Steam room, stone loungers – if others are using a facility that you want to use, ask if you can join them or how long they are likely to be in there. It’s about respect – something that naturists are generally good at.
  • Clover Spa has a fine reputation for cleanliness but we have intensified our regular cleaning / disinfecting schedule for all touch points.

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