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How to be more comfortable in your own skin

How to be more comfortable in your own skin

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Firstly, we find keeping your mind filled with positive thoughts is a crucial step in personal development. Granted, this isn’t easy at first. However, it will come, trust us! Try to do the things you love more often and surround yourself with the right people, you’ll quickly learn there is nothing to be conscious about.  Read more
The importance of massage

The importance of massage

Friday, November 13, 2020

Well, massage therapy enhances your life by reducing stress, improving circulation and flushing out toxins. It can also boost your immune system. For us, this provides an opportunity to feel truly comfortable in our bodies. Your overall health and well-being can also improve, as stress levels are often decreased.

The bottom line is, massages are much more than just relaxing. It’s often the case that our natural instincts turn to them in moments of need. This is why many turn to massage for sore muscles and aches. So, we’ve talked about the importance of massage, so what are the benefits?

Massages can reduce anxiety

As you may be aware, anxiety is a huge issue in modern society. According to a recent study, it is responsible for almost one-third of the nation’s total mental health cases. That’s what makes massage so important. The good news is that massage can cut your body’s level of stress hormones by up to 50%! This reduction of stress hormone will therefore lead to the alleviation of anxiety symptoms.

It can improve posture

Many of us experience back, neck, and muscle pain from a variety of sources. However, the primary cause of this pain results from poor posture. In fact, back pain, which is the number one reason for missed work days and second most common cause of disability, is often the result of poor posture while standing and/or sitting. As a result, the added strain can often cause spasms, pain, and tense muscles in the hips, glutes, back, neck, and legs. That’s where massage comes in. Through massage, this helps to improve posture, reducing the pain we experience in the demands of day-day life. 

It can help strengthen the immune system  

It’s widely accepted that individuals who experience high levels of stress are more vulnerable to illness. When stress is combined with sleep disturbances and poor nutrition, the impact is directed at the body’s immune system. As a result, its ability to protect itself against infections, pathogens, and bacteria is reduced, increasing the chances of illness and attacks to the immune system. Studies have indicated that regular massage sessions help to both reduce stress, and therefore boost the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity as a result. This enhances the body’s ability to deliver nourishment, making us happier and healthier humans! Pretty cool, right?

Overall, massages can be a pampering treat, but as you can see they offer a huge boost to your health and overall wellness! Massage therapy can relieve all sorts of ailments, so why not get in touch with our team to book your treatment today?

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Why you should visit a Sauna more regularly – the health benefits

Why you should visit a Sauna more regularly – the health benefits

Tuesday, November 03, 2020

We are aware many people have spoken about the benefits a sauna may bring you and your body. However, we feel the health benefits are too good to not mention again.   Read more

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