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What is Naturism?

Naturism is living without clothes for a while. It is very healthy for the skin, body and particularly the mind. Freeing oneself from societies labels is a most liberating and wonderful feeling.

So what are the main benefits of trying Clover Spa and Hotel?

We get several newbies every week coming to try our facilities and they all tell me that they find it exciting, fun and a bit daring. They all leave with a new body confidence and many say they can’t wait to return. Our regular visitors understand that it is healthy for body and mind and that it is a most relaxing, liberating and respectful place to be.

Are clothes optional at Clover Spa and Hotel?

We are primarily clothes free rather than clothing optional, everyone who wants to experience nudity is welcome and we understand that newbies may wish to use swimwear at first.

Can guests wear clothes anywhere on the premises?

Guests are generally clothes free, that’s what they have come for and that’s what they enjoy, obviously on arrival and departure guests are dressed, and occasionally at breakfast or some newbies are dressed.

Are the staff clothed?

Yes all our staff are clothed whilst on duty. If they chose to use the spa outside working hours they are naked, towelled or robed like everyone else.

Are there “happy endings” to treatments?

No. We offer an extensive choice of professional massages and no “extras”. Guests can visit Clover Spa and Hotel and be safe in the knowledge that there is no sexual connotation.

Are the treatment rooms private or communal?

We have two private treatment rooms which are designed for one client at a time.

Do you have single gender days?

We have tried single gender days without much success and for the time being have no plans to try it again.

What are your busiest times?

Some people prefer to visit at busier times so we have designated Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and offer a special rate of £15 from 4.00 pm until 10.00 pm.

Are the therapists male or female?

We have female therapists working everyday and male therapists available for pre booked treatments. Are there more men than women at the spa Overall more men in general use our spa facilities, but it does depend on time. Couples by far in the majority at weekends and we are considering running couples only on a number of weekends.

What happens for women during menstruation?

This is obviously a very personal matter and we respect that many women prefer to wear something at this time.

What happens if a man gets an erection?

This is a common concern for newbies, it seldom happens but if it does you are best just covering up.

When everyone is naked isn't it a sexual experience?

It is a very different experience, you respect people as they are, all ages, shapes and sizes and you soon realise that it is clothes that sexualize humans, not nudity.

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